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Cycle Butik, launched in April 2010. In 2012, we expanded our shop by moving to a bigger building, literally around the corner, from our old shop. 2749 Lake Shore Blvd West & First Street is now our new home.

For 2017, our bicycle line up includes: Devinci, Felt, Raleigh, Fuji and Hutch. Every year we continue to grow in order to bring you a larger selection of Road, Mountain, BMX, City and Hybrid bikes. We also carry a variety of Commuter, Hybrid and European City Bikes as they continue to grow in popularity.

Our bike parts, gear and clothing are carefuly selected to bring our customers the latest in technology and style for the 2017 season. If we don't have it in stock - we can get it.

We also have an onsite, a full-service, Winterborne certified, repair shop that can tackle just about any repair or upgrade you bring our way. We'll keep you looking great and your bike running smoothly all year round!

In The News: Devinci Troy Carbon RR Review

We don’t reckon there are many places on Earth that can rival Canada’s wealth of amazing trails and breathtaking nature. But to really profit from the trails, you’ve got to have the right bike to confront the challenges and get the best of Canada, so is the Devinci Troy Carbon RR up to the task? Developed alongside downhill legend Stevie Smith, we’re curious to see whether this bike can live up to the hype!

Climbing or descending, this bike looks like it’ll be a sure-fire grin-generating machine. But does it all stem back to its solid and proven spec, or is it thanks to the finely tuned and meticulously developed technologies that have been woven into the Troy’s construction? Take the flip-chip system for example, which lets you tune the geometry to suit your taste. Then there’s the asymmetrical rear design and Boost standard that lent the developers precious room for shorter chainstays. Plus, the bike was developed in collaboration with one of the world’s quickest mountain bikers. All of these elements have arguably contributed to its geometry, handling and performance.

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The geometry of the Devinci Troy Carbon RR

The Devinci Troy Carbon RR delivers exactly what it promises, tearing up the trails playfully! The super short chainstays render its steering agile and razor-sharp, while the long frame counteracts with stability and smoothness at speed. On technical, burly sections, the steep head angle is a panacea for woes, ensuring that moisture on your brow is purely beads of sweat on your face and not fear.

The Devinci Troy Carbon RR on the trails

Those ultra compact chainstays allow the Devinci to be ridden like a sly fox, carving up turns and hurling along technical trails. On steep gradients the bike is stable, despite its fairly steep head angle, and gives you a real confidence boost. Thanks to the long frame, the Devinci Troy Carbon stays planted, follows your lines superbly and manages to maintain its agility. For skilled riders, it weaves exactly the sort of lines that will get you as excited as a kid on Christmas morning, turning into a serious weapon under an experienced touch.

Devinci Troy Carbon RR is a mean and efficient climber.

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